An experience like you’ve never had before.

With 30 years of experience in the field of teppanyaki Michael Monzon is no slouch when it comes to putting on a excellent show with even better food. He has been featured in restaurants across the west coast and magazines such as restaurant hospitality.

Michael Monzon has carried this same flare and passion since the very beginning and now he showcases it through Flying Knives by putting on an impeccable performance at your private event, weather that be at your house for you and your guests or anything in between.

Flying Knives resides within the Gig Harbor Area currently and specializes in private events, sauces and more.

We were looking for a private event chef to come out and cook for us and our guests because we were having a party at our house, Michael and his team were so professional! Michael put on an amazing show and the food was even better! I highly recommend him to anybody who is looking for an amazing event chef!
— Michelle

Our vision here at Flying Knives is to create the ultimate dining experience for you and your guests while putting on an incredible show with food to match.

This has been the vision since the very beginning, 30 years later this vision still holds strong. Michael Monzon got his first few gigs in the teppanyaki business back in the day in some spots in Seattle, ever since then he has been working way up the ladder to become teppanyaki royalty. From being the head chef to the Four-Seasons in Hawaii to showcasing his talent in the ROKU in Beverly Hills Hollywood.

His mission is to showcase the skill involved with teppanyaki, while paying respect to Japanese traditions. As for why he’s called Tattoo Mike? We have no idea, but we do know the guy can prepare a razor-sharp meal and put on a show that’s highly entertaining.
— Restaurant Hospitality Magazine, Rising star Article