Michael Monzon hosting one of many pop-ups!

Michael Monzon hosting one of many pop-ups!

Pop-up events

One of our fortes here at flying knives is pop-up events. Essentially what we do at events is come out there, set up everything from seating to the grill, and then we put on a show of a lifetime for you and your guests while simultaneously cooking incredible dishes. If you are interested to have Chef Michael Monzon come cook at your very own event please contact us by clicking here.

His mission is to showcase the skill involved with teppanyaki, while paying respect to Japanese traditions. As for why he’s called Tattoo Mike? We have no idea, but we do know the guy can prepare a razor-sharp meal and put on a show that’s highly entertaining.
— Restaurant hospitality Magazine


We wanted to be able to bring a small portion of the Flying Knives experience to people by selling our sauces in-store and online, you can find all of our sauces here on our website for purchase or you can find them in your local grocery store!